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Popular Victoria Falls Activities

The most popular activities on offer in Vic Falls. There are many more to choose from of course, so ask us for a full list of activities and prices or book a selection of activity specials online now.  

  Tour Of The Falls   High-Tea.jpg (49 KB)   Devils-Pool.jpg (48 KB)  
  Tour of the falls   High Tea at The Victoria Falls Hotel.    Livingstone Island and Devils Pool.   
  The Victoria Falls rain forest. There is an entrance fee which varies for regional or international visitors. Take along your passport. Expect to get wet and dress accordingly. Full moon brings the chance to witness the lunar rainbow over the spray of Victoria Falls.   Enjoy an afternoon of indulgence with fine sandwiches and a selection of baked goodies washed down with the tea of your choice at The Victoria Falls Hotel, the sister hotel to The Kingdom Hotel.   Swimming in Devils pool at the lip of the Victoria Falls is not for the faint hearted but it has become very popular in recent years. Never go as a casual visitor with a local guide as it extremely dangerous. The sanctioned operator is Zambian based who offers a boat transfer to the island, a meal and guides to accompany you to Devils Pool.  
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  Cultural Connection Package   Elephant encounter   Historical Bridge Tour  
  Meet the the local people of Victoria Falls and join them for a home hosted meal.
First hand experiance of local culture is a must do for all travellers when visiting Victoria Falls. There are no age limits for this activity.
  Breathtaking encounters create an incredible experience where guests get a chance to be up close and personal with some of Africa's beautiful giants. Children ages 5 - 12 need to be accompanied by a guardian.    Take a trip back in time with Georges Imbault, the Chief Construction Engineer of the historical bridge that brought two countries together. For those who enjoy adventure can do the under bridge walk or alternatively experience the view from the walkway on the bridge.  
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  white water rafting   canopy tour   Flight Of Angels  
  By far one of the most heart pumping, adrenaline packed activities that there are available in Victoria Falls. Grade 5 rapids will ensure that you leave soaking wet!   South Africa's fastest growing eco-adventure, Take an incredible tour as you zipline from platform to platform along a series cable, surrounded by the natural surroundings.   A flight of Angels in a helicopter is a spectacular way for the family to see the 'lie of the land' and get breath taking photos of the Zambezi river and the Victoria Falls spray.