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Is Victoria Falls Dry?

The media has done it again! A story is going around on British media that Victoria Falls is dry and in grave danger of never recovering.
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When the press shows carefully crafted images of the DRY Victoria Falls what they are showing you is the Zambian side at the end of winter.

What they are presenting as abnormal is completely normal and happens to a larger or lesser degree every single year

  • All things in nature follow a cycle of ebb and change. Victoria Falls is no different.Water collects in the catchment areas in Angola and Zambia during the rainy season (December to end March/April) and it begins its slow meander down the Zambezi River towards Victoria Falls.
  • Just after the rainy season is when the Falls are at their highest (April/May)
  • Just before the rainy season Victoria Falls is at her lowest and the the Zambian side of the Falls can be 'dry' Because there is little to no rain fall in the winter months.
  • There are variances in the height of the river each year that depend on the amount of rain that was collected in the catchment areas and in the immediate areas around the Falls inthe rainy season.
  • The Zimbabwe side always has water flowing over the Falls. It has never dried up.
Let's put it into perspective to show this 'dry phenomena' happens every year. The photos below are from our archive. The same trip in December 2017. You can clearly see the Falls in Zimbabwe are full and flowing but the second image of Victoria Falls Zambia is but a trickle. The third image is of a sign in the Victoria Falls rainforest which shows the Falls at low water. 
Watch the video of Victoria Falls taken a couple days ago in early December 2019 so you can see how the Falls are looking now.

Vic Falls December 2018

December 2017 Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls Zambia Dec 2018.png (682 KB)

December 2017. Victoria Falls Zambia

Sign at The Victoria Falls rainforest
Sign in the Victoria Falls Zambia rainforest.

Video taken in early December 2019 and posted originally on Facebook.