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" When in Vic Falls do a cruise "

A Zambezi River cruise is the must do activity in Victoria. Almost everything that happens in Vic Falls in centred around the Zambezi River and a Zambezi River cruise is the embodiment of that. As this is such an important experience in your Vic Falls stay, it’s crucial to choose the right cruise. It’s not just about money, it’s what you get for your money that makes the experience hit the spot.
Here are our top cruise suggestions that offer more than the “bulk standard” variety.

Zambezi Royal Sunset Cruise
A two hour guided sunset cruise with good on-board service, tasty hot and cold canapés and imported wines and spirits.
Duration: 2.5 hours
Times: 16h00 – 18h30
Why we like it:
A maximum of 28 guests make for a more exclusive experience. Nice comfy furniture creates the feel of an informal lounge makes for a relax and enjoy environment. The snacks are also a whole lot better than the normal fare.

Dinner Cruise
Enjoy a delicious four-course dinner that is prepared by experienced chefs on board the boat while you enjoy the scenery and all important perfect African sunset, drink in hand.
Duration: Approx. 4 hours including transfer time.
Times: 16h30 – 20h30
Why we like it:
Each party has their own table. No sharing and having to make small talk with strangers.
This dinner cruise happens ON the water, not next to the riverbank.
Excellent food prepared from fresh local ingredients.

The Victoria sunset cruise
Take a journey downstream towards the smoke of the Victoria Falls. The Victoria is designed to mirror the style of an Old English safari.
Duration: 2 hours
Times: 16h00 18H00 (winter) 16h30 – 18h30 (summer)
Includes: Full bar and private chef from the Victoria Falls Hotel who serves gourmet canapes and sushi.
Why we like it:
There is a “old school” adventurous feel about The Victoria, which is enhanced by the fact that this boat goes where all the other boats don’t go – towards the Falls! The design of the boat is such that it can access the lower part of the Zambezi river before it cascades over the Falls and explore the body of islands that form the entrance to the Victoria Falls. The food is supplied by The Victoria Falls Hotel – what more can we say?

The MV Makumbi (Zambia)
The Makumbi has been around since the 60’s and nothing embodies the soul of the Zambezi like she does! Old school perhaps but she has an energy that cannot be replicated. 
Duration: 2 hours
Times: 16h00 18H00 (winter) 16h30 – 18h30 (summer)
Includes: Freshly baked snacks, light dinner, local beverages, spirits and wine.
Why we like it:
The energy and the generosity of the food and drinks – you will come off the boat full and happy!
Why it may not be for you:
The Makumbi departs from the Waterfront which is often accommodated by overland adventurers of the young and young at heart variety which can result in a loud, noisy party.

Private boat hire
Hire a private boat to pop the question or just have a private Zambezi experience. Morning, lunch and sunset cruises complete with delicious food and drinks.